The Paradox of doing art

Flying back home

Fly Back Home, 2014, Digital Image
(Yellow banner on the right hand side : “I want true universal suffrage”)

It has been more than half a year since my last entry. Time really flies.

This year has been fruitful so far. First I resumed making art, then I established this website. Shortly after that I moved from the US to Singapore, and spent quite some time to settle in. I have been working on a primary art program for a publisher in Hong Kong. And I have engaged in a few illustration projects in between. My target is to finish the art program by the end of this year.

Despite my busy schedule, my heart is with my hometown (Hong Kong), and with my friends in the umbrella movement. My eyes are on the news everyday. I cannot fly back home because of work, but I have been thinking about making art to support them. It is pretty hard to create art when the emotions are too strong though. It takes time to digest such a turmoil and calm myself down. It is a paradox: if you don’t feel anything. You have nothing to tell. It is impossible to make good art; but if your feelings are too strong. You have too many things to tell. It is hard to make good art too. It’s a good learning process though.

After this intensive three weeks, I found that one thing is always true: follow your heart when you do art. Trust your instinct and follow through.


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