About Christy


Who am I?

I am an artist , an art teacher, and I am working my way into the illustration and publishing world.
I am from Hong Kong, and am now living in Singapore.

What I do?

I love realistic paintings of the nature, especially birds and animals. I love collage and storytelling through illustration. Recently I have been engaged in projects using 3D printing technology. I make realistic masks and replica of historical relics.
I am also experienced in graphic design. I design posters, postcards, name cards, logos, banners, booklets etc.

As an art teacher, I enjoy exploring the possibilities of all kinds of media with my students, as well as finding the treasures in the sea of the art history.

Where did I receive my education and gain my working experience?

I received my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. I worked 5 years in Hong Kong after graduation.
I gained experience in teaching, administration, PR and design during the 5 years of work.
I am working as a part-time art teacher, and a freelance designer/illustrator right now. I look forward to becoming a full time illustrator.

E-mail: ctwchu@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About Christy

  1. impressive! maybe it’s my love for hk, the piece i love most would be the man in hk style. keep it up!
    the poster for all saints was nice and remind me of your poster design for christmas carolling too would you like to dig it out and post here too?

    • Thank you Kristine! The piece ‘Hong Kong Style’ still remains one of my favorite works.
      oh yea I should definitely add the poster back!

  2. We have asked Christy to do post-editing of 3D printed models. Time is very short but she is able to complete it, and all of our colleagues are surprised by her work: The correct choice of colour, the finest details in the exact location. She is the only one artist I have ever seen, who is able to complete such a professional work and within such a short time!

    • Hi Chris, thank you for your generous comment. I have learnt a lot from the project. It’s my pleasure to work with you and your 3D printing company. I look forward to working on more innovative and interesting projects together !

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